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About The Book

This is the most straightforward, practical, and makes-perfect-sense guide on the market today, addressing everything from career choice to discovering your true workplace value, to landing that perfect job.

When applying for a job, what are your strongest points?  How do you determine what the job market wants and whether or not you’ve got it?  There are many ways to approach the work of finding a job. The problem is, few of these methods take into account that we are in one of the most difficult employment periods in decades.  So how do you know where the jobs are? And equally as important, how do you know if these jobs are for you…and if you can land one of them? In this book you’ll find that extra advantage you need to identify the ideal job…and then land it! From identifying your personal strong points to writing the decisive resume, from deciding your course of action to acing your interviews to learning what industries exist and how you might fit into them, everything is covered in this unique and easy-to-follow book.  Whether you are in the job market or about to enter it, this guide will give you a distinct advantage over the competition.  In today’s tough economic times, that edge makes all the difference.

This is the most useful guide you’ll have for learning everything you need to identify the perfect job…and get hired! In this practical, no-nonsense approach, you will learn how to recognize and communicate your personal strengths and values to the decision makers who do the hiring.  Whether you are seeking support in writing resumes, preparing for interviews, sending cover letters, or learning more about the job market, this book delivers it all.  If you are a student preparing for your future, or someone wishing to hone your job-seeking skills, look no further: this book was written specifically for you.

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Aruosa Osemwegie

Aruosa Osemwegie

Aruosa Osemwegie is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School and Lagos Business School’s executive development programs on Human Capital Management.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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